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World premiere of Toyota bZ4X

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


The exterior of the bZ4X fusion of the advanced feeling,

and the original beauty of the car.


The interior is said to have been designed to make the driver feel at home.


The oddly shaped "one-motion grip" reminiscent of an aircraft control stick is also available.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof as an option, and they are said to generate enough electricity to cover 1,800km (Toyota's internal estimate) in a year.


Toyota Safety Sense preventive safety package, which improves the performance of functions by expanding the detection range, adds new functions to assist on ordinary roads.

Toyota says that the bZ4X can be used as a mobile power station, supplying electricity to homes and appliances during natural disasters or power outages,

or with home solar, it can be charged with surplus energy from the daytime,

to be released by the vehicle to supplement nighttime use.

We look forward to see its release in Japan.

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