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About Us

At Venture Capital Co Ltd, our journey is more than just a business; it's a passion-driven venture that marries innovation with excellence. With a track record of exceeding $12 million in sales over the past two years, we have firmly established ourselves as a dynamic startup in the automotive industry.

Our Mission: Elevating Japanese Quality

Our primary mission is to bring the very best of Japanese automotive craftsmanship to both local and global markets. We recognize that Japan is renowned for producing vehicles of unparalleled quality and precision. As such, we've made it our commitment to provide these exceptional Japanese cars to our customers, ensuring they experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence.

Beyond the Horizon: Explore Japan with Us

But we don't stop at selling cars; we go the extra mile to make your experience in Japan truly unforgettable. Recognizing the allure of Japan's grandeur, we now offer car rental services tailored to foreign visitors. Whether you're traveling alone, with friends, or as a family, we have an impressive range of Japan's best-selling minivans to meet your needs.

Your Japanese Adventure Awaits

With just a simple call, you can unlock the door to an extraordinary Japanese adventure. Let us handle the details, from providing you with the perfect vehicle to curating an unforgettable experience. Whether you're here to explore the bustling cityscapes, tranquil countryside, or ancient traditions, Venture Capital Co Ltd is your trusted partner in discovering Japan's hidden treasures.

Join us on this remarkable journey, and together, we'll explore the beauty, culture, and innovation that Japan has to offer. Welcome to Venture Capital Co Ltd, where every drive is a unique experience, and every adventure is a memory waiting to be created.

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        Bank Details

BANK:                              SBI SUMISHIN NET BANK, LTD.
Branch Code:             106   HOUJINDAIICHI
BANK ADDRESS:         Tokyo city Minato ward Roppongi 1-6-1 Izumi Garden Tower 18 floor

COMPANY ADDRESS:  Hamizudai33-6,Kanagawa Japan 254-0824

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Monday to Saturday 09:00 ~ 18:00
Sunday Closed. Contact available 24 hours 

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