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Solving the "2024 Problem" with Technology! Self-Driving Truc

TuSimple, a self-driving truck company, will make a full-scale entry into the Japanese market. In December 2021, the company succeeded in the world's first fully automated driving without human driver intervention with an unmanned semi-trailer in the United States.

The company's entry into the Japanese market seems to be related to the current situation in Japan, which is suffering from a serious truck driver shortage, including the "2024 problem in logistics.

We believe that there is an important need for the application of automated truck technology to solve the "2024 problem" facing the Japanese logistics industry.

 The shortage of professional drivers is a trend not only in Japan, but also in the U.S., Europe, China, and other parts of the world. While there are concerns that the technology of automated driving will take away truck drivers' jobs, there is no doubt that this technology is needed (especially for commercial vehicles rather than passenger cars) to make up for the future shortage of transportation capacity.

"By introducing their advanced self-driving truck technology to the Japanese market, TuSimple aims to provide a viable solution to the "2024 problem".

The implementation of automated driving technology in the commercial sector has the potential to not only address the shortage of drivers but also enhance the efficiency and reliability of transportation networks, ultimately benefiting the economy as a whole.

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