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Nissan NV200 Vanette Improved specifications

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Autech Japan, an affiliate of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has partially upgraded

the NV200 Vanette-based Multi-Bed overnighter,

The Chair Cab life-care vehicle (LV), and the Work Use Vehicle series of commercial special purpose vehicles, started selling them on July 13.

As with the base model, the engine has been upgraded to improve fuel efficiency for all models,

and the 2WD model now features a CVT (a system with “stepless” gear transmission.)

and an idling stop function to further improve fuel efficiency.

In addition, all models in the multi-bed, chair cab and work use vehicle series are equipped with electrically foldable remote control door mirrors with side under mirrors and anti-bacterial steering as standard.

As with the wagon type, the reclining angle of the front passenger seat has been increased from 44 degrees to 66 degrees, and a 190mm adjustable front passenger seat slide function has been adopted for the work use vehicle series based on the van type.

Two new body colors, dark metal gray and imperial amber, have been adopted.

Prices range from;

・2,723,600 yen to 2,949,100 yen for the multi-bed,

・2,708,000 yen to 2,288,000 yen for the chair cab,

・2,221,100 yen to 3,279,100 yen for the work use vehicle.

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