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Lexus; most stolen car in Japan

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Toyota Lexus SUV (sports utility vehicle) "LX" has been frequently stolen throughout Japan, especially in Gifu and Aichi prefectures.

The current LX model, priced at more than 10 million yen ($90,800),

was released in Japan in 2015. It is also highly popular in the used car market.


They are known to use a device that deactivates the car immobilizer, an electronic anti-theft system, and to launch “relay attacks,” which disrupt radio waves emitted by smart keys.


Cars and bicycles have often been targeted by thieves for their parts, particularly license plates, which can be used in other crimes.

The four most common reasons people steal automobiles include:

 1.To sell cars abroad at a higher market value

 2.To dismantle the vehicle and sell the parts

 3.To go joyriding

 4.Commit another crime and then leave the vehicle.

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Jack Kerry
Jack Kerry
Sep 03, 2022

This is how the corrupt Japanese politicians get rich

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