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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Why Voxy is still selling well in their seventh year on the market?

1st : High popularity of minivans

The first reason is that minivans with sliding doors have been very popular in the domestic automobile market in recent years.

This is evident in the sales volume rankings, where many minivans are included in the top 10.

In the first half of 2021, four out of the 10 minivans are minivans:

・ Alphard (3rd)

・ Voxy (8th), Freed (9th),

・Sienta (10th)

However, 10 years ago, in 2011, the only minivans in the top 10 in terms of annual sales were the

・Serena (4th)

・ Freed (6th)

・Estima (4th)

・Step Wagon (5th)

2nd: Toyota's shift to a system of selling all models at all stores

In May 2020, Toyota will introduce the "all-store, all-model sales" system. Until then, Toyota had four different sales channels: each of which had its own models for sale.

The three minivans were also sold through different channels: Noah through the Corolla store,

Voxy through the Netz store, and Esquire through the Toyota and Toyopet stores.

However, the increase in the number of sales outlets led to an increase in sales.

3rd: The Voxy has a "sporty youthfulness," the Noah a "fearlessness and dignity," and the Esquire a "sense of luxury," giving each a different character.

Since its debut, it has been known for its spacious interior and ease of use in terms of seat arrangement and operability. It was also one of the first minivans to offer a hybrid version, which has become an attractive feature.

In September 2020, a software update service for Toyota Safety Sense was launched for vehicles already sold.

The fact that there are three brothers(Voxy, Noah, Esquire) also contributes to the high quality of the product. Each of the three siblings has a different design, allowing the driver to choose the one that best suits his or her needs, which is a strength not found in other minivans.

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